Theodore Roosevelt

26th President of the United States

Jihadi Group: Al-Qaeda
Magazine: Inspire #015, May 2016
Section: Interview: Abu-Khubeyb As-Sudani – Political Consequences
Page(s): 31

With regards to political consequences; the strikes uncovered the mask behind America’s ugly face. That mask fell the moment the World Trade Center buildings and the pentagon collapsed. Letting the world discover that all the claims of freedom, justice, human rights principles and principles of the founding fathers that America boast about, were but a lie. That mask fell to let the world discover the real values of America’s human rights violations in Guantanamo, Abu Ghuraib and in the secret detention facilities. That mask fell to let the world discover that the American foreign policy is always the same bloody and colonial policy of expansionism stated by their founding fathers i.e.:

  • “the policy of manifest destiny – the conviction that such expansion was preordained, part of god’s plan to extend what Andrew Jackson called “the area of freedom” across the continent… But the impulse to expand geographically, economically and ideologically is stamped into our DNA … Theodore Roosevelt, for example, added a corollary to Monroe Doctrine, declaring that the United States would intervene in any Latin American or Caribbean country whose government it deemed not to be in America’s liking. “The United States of America has not the option as to whether it will or it will not play a great part in the world,” Roosevelt would argue. “It must play a great part. All that it can decide is whether it will play that part well or badly” … Theodore Roosevelt‘s version of the Monroe Doctrine was now the Bush Doctrine, only extended beyond the Western Hemisphere to span the globe. Manifest destiny was back in fashion; all that was needed, according to Bush, was American firepower, American resolve and a ‘coalition of the willing’.” – Audacity of Hope, Obama.

… But we also realize this in its true sense as Allah the Almighty says {they will continue to fight you until they turn you back from your religion[ to disbelief].} He also said, {we will surely drive you out of our land, or you must return to our religion}. In addition, if Obama seems to be crying over the crimes committed by America, and say: “America mythology has always had difficulty fully absorbing (the massacres)”. We say to him, that the American foreign policy – Manifest Destiny – throughout the history of America up to date is to play a part by either one of the two ways as mentioned by Roosevelt above “It must play a great part. All that it can decide is whether it will play that part well or badly”.