Richard Nixon

37th President of the United States

Jihadi Group: Al-Qaeda
Magazine: Inspire #011, May 2013
Section: Who & Why, Abu Abdillah Almoravid

Obama is obligated to announce that he is out of options to counter operations inside the US boundaries. And the Intelligence community has no more options. So the American people are to face their fate alone.

If Obama does not take the initiative to speak out frankly and make this vital and sensitive file transparent, and if the Intelligence agencies, above all the FBI, prefer not to speak about this frustrating fact, then Mr. Brennan will have to explain to the American people about the amazing relation between the unmanned drones killing the innocents in Waziristan, Yemen and Somalia and the American homeland security. And is the ‘American citizen’s personal security’ same as the ‘American Homeland Security’ which – as per Brennan’s definition – the danger against it poses in a region like Sarhad in Waziristan, or a remote village in the deserts or mountains of Yemen just like President Kennedy propagated in the beginning of the 60’s when he said that the war in the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula is «against the homeland security in Vietnam?!

I hope Mr.Brennan will respect his position and not answer that the ‘pressure cooker’ used in Boston was made in the Pashto tribal region in the mountains of Handakosh, or the ‘nails’ and the ‘BBs’ used in the Boston Bombings were glued inside the ‘pressure cooker’ by villagers in Abyan or Shabwah in Yemen, or the aggression has moved from Vietnam to another region and should be exterminated in the ‘Kennedy and Nixon‘ way minus a pilot.

Jihadi Group: Al-Qaeda
Magazine: Inspire #012, March 2014
Section: Echoes Behind Enemy Lines

Bilderberg CEO: Richard Nixon? He got busted spying on his competitors, and he resigned. Obama has the NSA spying on the ENTIRE COUNTRY and he is still in office.

Jihadi Group: Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham (ISIS)
Magazine: Dabiq #006, December 2014
Section: Meltdown by John Cantlie: Why Are We Talking About Money?

Last month the Islamic State announced plans to mint their own range of gold dinars and silver dirhams in a move to separate themselves from dollar-linked fiat currencies and to establish their own money, a currency that has intrinsic value.

The stranglehold the US dollar had on the world since the Bretton Woods agreement of 1944 – when the world’s currencies were pinned to the dollar, which in turn was pinned to gold at $35 per ounce – is long over. The world had sent America their gold for safekeeping during World War 2 and they’d amassed some 20,000 tons of the stuff. Over the space of a few wartorn years, the dollar became the reserve currency of the globe through an internationally recognized gold standard.

America was rolling in cash. But over-expenditure, warfare, and plain greed meant that by the 1960s they were printing far more dollars than they could redeem in gold. The US is estimated to have spent $546 billion alone during the Cold War. They were printing dollars like they were going out of fashion, so the world got nervous, started returning dollars, and asking for their gold back instead. This created a landslide and the Federal Reserve was forced to admit they didn’t have enough gold to hand back in return. By 1971, President Nixon declared America would no longer redeem dollars for gold unless it was in the “interests of the United States.”

It was the biggest default in modern history. Nixon quickly replaced gold with oil in 1973 by stating that all international transactions with the oil-producing countries of OPEC were to be made in dollars. The infamously corrupt Saudi royal family agreed. In return for using dollars only as the trade currency for oil and investing billions in US bonds, America would provide them military support and protect their oil fields. At Saudi’s bidding, the other OPEC countries fell into line, and the petrodollar was born. The dollar had been pinned to gold, now it was pinned to oil.

Jihadi Group: Al-Shabaab
Magazine: Gaidi Mtaani #003, March 2013
Section: Sheikh Aboud Rogo: The Source of Change

Dawah, like Sheikh Aboudi Rogo’s, to awaken Muslims and expose hypocrites, certainly angered the unbelievers and their hypocritical friends, especially when the Sheikh encouraged Muslim women to choose between young men going for Jihad or being destroyed by drug use in the coastal region. The policy of spreading drugs in Muslim areas, particularly the Coast, is indeed a plan of the Kenyan government in collaboration with Western governments because the history of Islamic rule in the coastal region and the current efforts to restore this rule, which was dismantled by the English infidels, have been a major threat to the interests of these unbelievers. Therefore, efforts were made to distribute these drugs so that Muslim youth would use them, resulting in the deterioration of their worldly and religious lives, and thus Muslim youth would have no desire or inclination to fulfill the commands of the religion or participate in the ongoing Islamic movements in the coastal region.

The evidence of the involvement of the Kenyan government and the Western infidels in the plans to destroy Muslim youth is the false activities of the former American ambassador to Kenya, Mr. Michael Ranneberger. This gentleman claimed that the American government opposes the use and trade of drugs in the coastal region, but the strange thing is that in the 1960s and 1970s in America, during the administration of President Richard Nixon, the FBI spread drugs in African-American communities as part of a policy to spread these drugs in order to destroy the African-descended society and prevent them from participating in the struggle for equality between different genders in America. As a result, these liberation movements were greatly affected, and until now, the areas where African-descended people live in America suffer from the problem of drug addiction and a significantly lower standard of living compared to other areas in America.

So, how can this Michael Ranneberger, who implemented a policy of spreading drugs against opponents of the white government, come to the Coast and claim that his government opposes this trade?