Franklin D. Roosevelt

32nd President of the United States

Jihadi Group: Al-Qaeda
Magazine: Inspire #015, May 2016
Section: Interview: Abu-Khubeyb As-Sudani – Advice to the Lone Mujahid
Page(s): 32

Inspire: Our beloved Sheikh, what is your advice towards the Lone Mujahid?

Sheikh Khubaib: If we look at the enormity of the battle that the Mujahideen are facing today, we find that it cannot be comparable in the balance of power. The whole world, led by America together with those who are from our own people, from of our own blood, those who claim to practice the same religion as us and talk the same language as us, rush to fight the Mujahideen under the pretext of countering terrorism. This is because by the grace of Allah the Mujahideen are the only ones who stood up against their crooked plots and plans. So the battle is too big and the price is too expensive, and to give victory to our religion needs men firm as mountains who will defend the religion the same way as they defend their women and sons. Men that really comprehended the meaning of Bayatul Aqaba, Bayatul Alridhwan, the story of people of the trench and people of the cave. Allah the Almighty says: {Indeed, if they come to know of you, they will stone you or return you to their religion. And never would you succeed, then – ever.} And He also ays, {And they will continue to fight you until they turn you back from your religion if they are able.}

Therefore, we have to realize this fact very well to avoid falling back under the excuse of revising the path of jihãd and giving victory to Islam. This is the nature of the real battle that we are bearing today against our enemy. Allah The Almighty has exposed this to us more than 1400 years ago, despite alot of trials to change this fact deployed by the Hypocrites. It is an old battle, its history extended since the day the Devil refused to bow down to Adam –peace be upon him- a battle between two parties not three, the party of Allah and the party of Shaytan . So, every single believer has to decide carefully in which party he places himself in, either in the party of the believers, the monotheists and the Mujahideen – among them are those who have wronged themselves, who are moderate in deeds and who are foremost in good deeds by the permission of Allah. Or in the party of the new international order – the manifest destiny- yesterday being led by Bush and before him Roosevelt. Today led by Obama, and tomorrow by their successors. Allah the Almighty say {that those who perished [through disbelief] would perish upon evidence and those who lived [in faith] would live upon evidence;}