Donald Trump

45th President of the United States

Jihadi Group: Al-Qaeda
Magazine: Inspire #017, August 2017
Section: Statement Regarding America’s Raid in Qaifa
Page(s): 03

American forces committed a heinous massacre against Muslims in Yemen when they raided a village in Qaifa, central Yemen. As a result, dozens were killed, including a large number of children and women. The American soldiers shot the children and women in cold blood and unleashed their dogs upon the dead bodies – a scene that shows how devoid they are of any humanity.

This criminal raid came a few days after the American President Trump took power, thus confirming to the world that America is still the bearer of the banner of criminality against the oppressed in the world. And that America persists on targeting Muslims and attacking women and children in the most heinous of ways. What is happening in Yemen today is but a portion of what is happening to our brothers in Palestine at the hands of the Jews, who have long been supported by America. What is happening in Yemen today is but a small portion of what has befallen our brothers in Afghanistan, Waziristan and Iraq. They are a continuation of violations and crimes driven by an all-encompassing hatred for every honourable and proud Muslim who seeks the freedom of Islam, the justice of Shari’ah. Allah says: {They shall keep fighting you until they turn you away from your faith, as much as they can}[2:218]. True was Allah when He said: {And never will the Jews or the Christians approve of you until you follow their religion} [2:120].

Jihadi Group: Al-Qaeda
Magazine: Inspire #017, August 2017
Section: Exclusive Inspire Interview: Sheikh Abu Mus’ab Abdul Wadood

After eight years of a Democrat President, Obama, the Republican Trump has assumed office in America. Does this actually hold any significance for the Muslim world or Muslims in general?

Many Muslims wanted Trump to lose the elections, hoping that Hillary Clinton would be relatively merciful and less antagonistic towards them. This was just a false hope. Have they forgotten what Democrats under Bill Clinton did to Muslims? Have they forgotten the deaths of a million Iraqi children due to the sanctions imposed by Democrats? Have they forgotten the thousands who fell victims to America’s ‘smart’ bombs and its drones during Obama’s tenure? ‘Kufr’ (Disbelief) is a single nation. In fact, Trump‘s blunt statements and his hostile stance towards Islam and Muslims may be beneficial in ways that only Allah knows. His rash candidness is a powerful reminder to the Islamic Ummah of the reality of these disbelievers, about whom our Lord has informed us in the Quran in these words, {And they will not cease fighting you until they turn you back from your Religion, if they are able to do so}

Opinion polls and the general public predicted a victory for Hillary Clinton. This expectation was based on several reasons, one of which was the racist tone of Trump in his statements against Islam, especially during the election campaign. And this, they thought, was in conflict with values America ostensibly upheld. So what do we understand from the results of the American election? As for the victory of Trump in the presidential elections, this requires a holistic reading. The general political scene in the Western countries (specifically in America and Europe) is seeing a widespread resurgence of nationalist tendencies among the masses in its most extreme manifestation, and this extremist current eventually leads to anarchy.

Donald Trump, given his repulsive racist nature, read the popular scene correctly. His election campaign was based on appealing to the natural racist tendencies of the (white) American voter. In doing so, Trump‘s campaign exploited the absolute political ignorance of the masses in America, where a single emotional speech is sometimes sufficient to change the outlook of many. This is why we saw that his outspokenness often touched the limits of audacity in several statements he made. He understood that the ordinary American had become tired of the grey zone visible in the policies of the Democrats. So he knew how to play with their feelings and rally their emotions. He succeeded in raising issues which trouble them, foremost being the loss of security experienced by the American public on American soil as well as abroad. Trump succeeded twice: first when he instilled fear of Islam amongst the masses, second when he convinced them that he is their sole hope against this danger.

The inescapable result of Trump‘s victory and the coming to power of his likes in Western countries means that the room for co-existence in the West is being eroded with every passing day. And this does not affect Muslims alone, but all races other than the ‘white race’ (as they love to portray themselves). With the permission of Allah, this trend will prove to be in the interest of Muslims, since it will awaken the conscience of the Ummah and make it cognizant of the reality of Western Crusader savagery. Thereupon, it will rise and return to confront its enemies, and examples of heroism and selfless sacrifice will be revived in the Ummah, which will return it to its erstwhile position of leadership and dominance, with the help of Allah. There is no escape from the coming confrontation; either the Ummah willingly leads this battle, or it is forced to fight it, and the matter is in the hands of Allah in the beginning and the end.

Here, it would be worthwhile reminding the public which elected Trump as President – in spite of all the hatred and bias displayed by him, and his threats of fighting Islam and Muslims- what Sheikh Ayman al Zawahiri (may Allah protect him) said in his message to the American people: “Nations of the Crusader Alliance, We have warned and cautioned you repeatedly, but it seems that you want us to make you taste death in its worst forms, so taste some of what you made us taste, and pay the price of this aggression. Be patient and enduring, for the battle is only in its first skirmishes.”

One of Trump‘s advisors said in an interview, “We have a major problem which no one wants to admit, because doing so is politically inexpedient. The problem is Islam. I am not talking about the Muslim world, but Islam itself.” There have been other similar statements made by political figures in the Trump administration. Should we infer from these statements and those of Trump that America has taken a new course in its policy, namely a direct attack on Islam. What are the implications of these statements?

In spite of the hatred concealed in their hearts, it will be worthwhile reminding American politicians a few lessons from history, lest their memory deceives them. No matter how far Trump and his team go in their enmity for Islam and Muslims, and no matter how racist they may be, they were preceded (a decade earlier) by a stronger strand of enmity and racism in the form of Bush Junior. So what was his fate?

Did his own people and most politicians of the world not end up considering him a curse for America and Americans, to the point that some viewed him the worst President ever in American history. So if Trump sticks to his antagonistic policies towards Islam and crosses the limits in his attacks on Muslims, his fate will be no different from that of Bush, if not worse. {And those who do wrong will come to know by what overturning they will be overturned}.

Jihadi Group: Islamic State Hind Province
Magazine: Voice of Hind #007, August 2020
Section: From Babri to Aqsa

The Jews continue through their wickedness and double dealing to lead this Muslim Ummah away from its religion and to alienate it from Quran. They do it in order to prevent the Muslim Ummah from utilizing its traditional and Quranic weapons and its perfect Quranic solutions for this struggle. The Jews are secure so long this Muslim Ummah is estranged from its sources of real power and the roots of its pure methodology. They are secure until the apostate regimes are around them like the walls of a fortress and prevent the Mujahedeen from opening a front with the Jews there.

Now it has been about sixty years of the deprivation, despite the fact the deviant groups and apostate regimes, falsely attributed to Islam and Muslims; claiming to be fighting for the cause and taking the resources of ummah in an unfair way. Furthermore, the Palestinian cause has been used like a magnet by which they force Muslims into the ditches of apostasy. They encourage the Muslims to take part in the democratic election processes and other forms of apostasy (like accepting the Donald Trump‘s deal for Palestine which they call as the deal of the century) and argue that it is through these elections that we could succeed and retake the holy land. Remember, Sallahudeen Ayyubi (RH) did not take it back except with sacrifice, steadfastness and waging Jihad for the sake of Allah.

Jihadi Group: Islamic State Hind Province
Magazine: Voice of Hind #013, February 2021
Section: The Senile Crusader

The events that unfolded after the election of the president of the United states in 2020 exposed the western systems and reminded all of us that no matter what system the mankind comes up with against the system of Allah is hell bent to fail. Even though the fore sighted leaders from the Islamic state had warned the people of US in the heydays of the so-called president Donald Trump – The dog of Rome that he would only bring the destruction and misery to the people of United states. So, the attack on the Capitol hill- the temple of western democracy by his people was as disgraceful as it could ever be in their eyes. Thus, after the culmination of his tenure he left the America in ever fragile state and the worst is yet to come.

Jihadi Group: Islamic State Hind Province
Magazine: Voice of Hind #025, February 2022
Section: The Daughters of the Companions
Page(s): 07

If we look today at western civilization or the 250-200-year history of the French renaissance as a pioneer of freedom and equality and its anti-women reaps, is this the “sapphire of freedom” that the consequences of which are reflected in the whole Western world and its imitators, including the Muslim world and India, in the form of brutal sexual, economic, and moral abuse of women? Is the condition of the so-called “empowered women” living under the delusion of freedom satisfactory today? If so, what is the “me-too” campaign referring to in every major country in the world?

In the most developed countries, the series of countless allegations against the director of sexual abuse, sexual violence, and blackmail by a major actress against the American Hollywood director, which started with Trump and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, engulfed every section of politicians in Britain, France, Australia, Germany, and Italy, and went everywhere. It included giant film directors, film houses, businessmen, grand pillars of the media, chief justices, and many politicians we didn’t know about in India.

Jihadi Group: Islamic State Khorasan Province
Magazine: Voice of Khorasan #002, March 2022
Section: Are Taliban Murtadeen?
Page(s): 12

The Taliban consider people as stupid as they are. The Taliban’s goal was to show that the United States is their enemy, while thousands of tanks, planes, and other military equipment and the whole of Afghanistan is handed over to the Taliban without a confrontation. This fact cannot be hidden.

Could it be the Islamic system that the United States voluntarily handed over to the Taliban by their choice? The American newspaper Wall Street Journal has published the statement of US President Donald Trump that the government of Afghan Taliban is stable and a good government. And it currently has American weapons worth 85 billion dollars and there are other “equipment” items.

Jihadi Group: Islamic State Khorasan Province
Magazine: Voice of Khorasan #009, July 2022
The State of Al-Salul is Inching Towards Democracy

Page(s): 27

The Saudi tawaghit are gradually substituting, in the shadow of reformation, the relics of Islam with the westernized system. These tawaghit are backed by scholars who supplicate for US president Donald Trump and his brother king Salman. How can those people be the standard of truth when they give medals worth millions of dollars to Trump who massacred Muslims! Now, the question arises that the Saudi tawaghit is really going towards reformations or sowing seeds for secularism and democracy on Saudi soil.

The so called shuyukh of Saudi have already pledged to their masters that they are nothing more than cattle, and they are ready to support them, by putting the label of Islam, in whatever steps they take on the Saudi soil, as the evil scholar Sudais said in public: “Today, Saudi Arabia and America are the leaders of the world, the custodian of the two holy mosques, and we pray to Allah that He the Almighty blesses the leaders of America who call people, through their struggle and strives, towards humanity and peace.”

Today, this scholar of Shaitan deceives people through his position of being Imam and prays for Trump who has the blood Muslims in his hands, then how can such Shaykh become the true interpreter of Islam? When someone like him prays for the tyrants of Pharaohs of the time, then he can also attempt to deceive the people in the religion too. Then how will he have the guts to call democracy as Kufr on the soil of Saudi?!!

Jihadi Group: Islamic State Khorasan Province
Magazine: Voice of Khorasan #014, September 2022
Section: America: From the Land of Free to a Banana Republic

Page(s): 41-42

Donald Trump, an ex-US president who gained animalistic pleasure in butchering innocent Muslims of the third world countries, accused their Federal administration of behaving like the corrupt thugs of the third world countries, when on August 8 the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) raided his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida in search of classified documents. This ex-president of the US condemned this raid: “An assault [that] could only take place in broken, third-world countries”. He continued to decry that America has “now become one of those countries, corrupt at a level not seen before”.

Donald Trump‘s son, Donald Trump Jr, lamented on Twitter: “This is what you see happen in 3rd World “Banana Republics”!!!” Nevertheless, the FBI’s raid for seizure of classified documents is nothing new in unearthing the real picture of the US which is not any less ugly than the third world countries in any sense. The US is an oligarchic country who can choose its president who is a non-taxpaying billionaire running electoral campaign by the taxpayers’ money and it is country whose foreign policy is mainly dictated by the high-tech arms manufacturing corporations who test their weapons on innocent women and children of the third world countries.

This is not the first time Trump has become helpless to put the label of “Third-World Country” on his own country. Such was his rhetoric when he lost the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden. But Trump is not the only member of the US ruling elite to make use of such vocabulary out of anger due to own impotency.