Abraham Lincoln

16th President of the United States

Jihadi Group: Al-Qaeda
Magazine: Inspire #014, September 2015
Section: The Blacks in America: The Black Africans’ Journey Towards America
Page(s): 11

The white community enslaved the Africans and took them as laborers. Treating them in an incomparable violent manner, even though some of the black immigrants were not slaves. The general view was that they were inferior, and deprived of the most basic human rights. Under the shade of the British colonization and its imperial rule in America over the 13 colonies, some laws began to stir up dissention among the people from different races; British, French, Dutch, Africans and others. Among the great opposition they had were the tough economic laws imposed by the British e.g. high taxes. And because of such pressure, in 1770 the American revolution began against the British.

The slaves and free Africans fiercely fought side-by-side with the white, later on becoming an important element of power in the coming conflicts. In the year 1861, civil war broke out between the Southern Confederate States and the Northern Federal Union States, led by Abraham Lincoln. The initial cause of war was the decision taken by Lincoln to emancipate slavery. Though the real motives was not emancipation, or defending humanity, or being Merciful and just as the American media portrays. But he was defending his political interests, by weakening the southern confederate states with this law and strengthening his power on the North by imposing political dominance on all states. This was confirmed by a congressman when he said “…(slavery) cannot be neutral.

As laborers, if not as soldiers, they will be allies of the rebels, or of the Union” because of that, the United States and the congress accepted the emancipation of slaves as part of the entire war, a requirement to save the unity. Among the reason for taking the decision to emancipate the slaves after the war is the inevitable confrontation between the two races: This is because the Afro-Americans started demanding their rights. And any lagging behind in this issue will ignite a conflict in all states. Mentioning these historical events, I would like to comment on some points:

  • Up to this stage, the Afro-Americans were not able to demand their rights, but succeeded in liberating themselves from slavery.
  • Liberation of Africans from the whites was not because of Lincoln‘s high morals, but because of the very existence of the Blacks and the power they had established for themselves, This led to their emancipation, which was because of ‘mutual interests’ between the two parties.
  • The western media tries to suggest that President Lincoln freed all Black slaves, when among them they were some who were already free.